An apple a day will make you hate apples

Salut and Bună seara.

I am Emperor Dowager Vladimir Babushka Ionescu-Weillschmidt Pumpernickel-Bread Nutella-And-Pretzels Goldwyn-Mayer Belldandy Ramalamabing-bang the Umpteenth, King of the Rock, Instigator of the Pastry Revolution, Prince of the Nickelbottom Clan, Slimmest of the Shadies, Overlord of the Toodlewats, King Kong of the giant Centipedes, Ruler of Buckwheat Mountain, and Very Serious Person.

But you can call me Vlad.

(( Entirely Un-serious roleplay blog for Romania from Hetalia. Ayup. ))
Go ahead and ask. I don't bite. Much.   Go on.